• Steadfast Herbs

by Finn Oakes and Lauren Anderson

Steadfast Herbs’ CSA is a quarterly box of herbal medicines, created for the needs of each season, to help keep you balanced and healthy thoughout the year. We grow our own in herbs in Pescadero, CA, using organic farming practices and we always harvest with care and respect for the plants and the land. Our CSA includes five remedies each season,  include teas, tinctures, salves and more along with information about the medicinal properties of each remedy and how best to use them, and is offered on a sliding scale of $50-80 per season or at a discount when signing up for the year. Local pick-ups in Berkeley, San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Pescadero.


• Twig & Petal Farm Apothecary

by Kristen Timchak

A subscription based “Wellness CSA” offering homegrown herbal products, monthly Ayurveda/Herbal based classes, and monthly Ayurvedic treatments.



by Nicole Gagliano

Wild and Wise is an Herbal CSA in Humboldt County, CA. We are located in Petrolia, CA on the Lost Coast. Our goal is to provide access to local herbs to the community. Our hand-made products are crafted using as many locally-sourced herbs as possible from our communities’ home gardens, ethically wild crafted, and from Wild and Wise’s garden. Our main focus is on our seasonal CSA packages, but we also offer seasonal herbal products available on our website. The herbal CSA ships anywhere in the US and our local pick up is at Redwood Roots Farm in Arcata,CA. 




• Magnolia and Pine

by Caitlin McMullen

Magnolia and Pine CSA offers seasonal, homegrown herbal products made with reverence and intention. In each box there is a balanced mix of liquid extracts and elixirs, tea blends, topical preparations, food/drink items like infused vinegars and soup stock blends, and energetic/spirit tools like smoke wands and flower essences. Southwest Florida plants offer abundance all year, so this is a four season CSA, and shares can be purchased individually or as a subscription.




• blossoming resistance

by Atalanta Sungurov

Our herbal share is distributed over the growing season, June – October.  This share includes 5 different products each month: 1 oz. tincture, 2 oz. oil or salve, 1.5 oz. herbal tea & 2 seasonal products each month such as flower essences, oxymels, herbal syrups, bath scrubs, etc.



by Bellx

SEMILLA OF IXCHEL welcomes you into their bruja pantry. our community supported apothecary (csa) is open to the juicy, delicious + the un poco bitter medicina you might need to carry in these moments of transition. we offer 3 month seasonal csas that highlight the energies of different elements and ancestor prayers for healing. 




• Rooted Rituals CSH  

from Sassafras Healing Arts by Cheré (rere) Suzette Bergeron

I invite you to becoming a sustaining member of my healing justice-informed herbalism practice by purchasing a Rooted Rituals CSH Subscription! This is a meaningful way to build up your home apothecary while welcoming in rituals for self & communal care. Your monetary + energetic exchange also supports me - a sick, disabled, chronically ill, queer, trans, non-binary witch, & herbalist - in my sliding scale fee herbalism practice, which centers sick/disabled/chronically ill, queer, trans, non-binary BIPOC (black/indigenous/people of color). In exchange for your signing up, you will receive a care package lovingly curated + containing a delightful assortment of seasonal, small batch herbal products, handcrafted by yourself truly, with a variety of wild-foraged, locally-grown, & ethically-sourced herbs.


• Roots & Blooms CSA

by Megan Mastel

The Roots & Blooms CSA is a seasonal, place based project, with the aim to connect and develop awareness of the medicine in the Upper Midwest Bioregion. By subscribing to the CSA, you will receive one box of assorted herbal goodies for every season. Guided nutritional & herbal wisdom will accompany each box along with our occasional garden grown goodness in the form of slow jams, ferments and pickles. In the spirit of collective community we will also be featuring our favorite contributing herbalists, artists & makers to add to the beauty of shared abundance. 




• Fields Without Fences Herbal CSA

Fields Without Fences 2018 Herbal CSA Membership features a selection of handcrafted botanicals including herbal teas, tonics, elixirs, tinctures, balms, bitters, and infused sprays, made with organic ingredients and herbs, flowers, roots, and fruits grown on our small farm in Frenchtown, NJ.


new mexico


• the osha project

by Susan Feavearyear

The Osha Project is Artemisia's Community Supported Apothecary, designed to support our local community in an integrative and individual way. It was named after osha root, a potent healer native to New Mexico. By providing this CSA, we are strengthening our relationship to our community through seasonal herbal shares which include not only hand crafted products, but individual health consultation, and education on herbalism in the home. Each share follows the seasons of fall, winter, spring, and summer, totaling 4 CSA boxes.  We offer flexibility and strive to cater to individual needs for our shares.  Our registration form provides an opportunity for participants to tell us about any specific ailments or issues they would like to address (skin problems, autoimmune issues, family needs, etc.) so that we can cater parts of the CSA to best suit the needs of the individual, and provide a share that is going to work well with their own / their family's bodies. There are three options available: The Family Share, Individual Share, and Single share, which are outlined on our website. When you purchase a share from The Osha Project, not only are you strengthening your immune system through herbs, and your local herbal community, you are also supporting education and research surrounding osha harvest. 5% of all proceeds give back to into researching regenerative harvest practices for osha.


new york


• Fat of the Land Apothecary

by Anja Rothe

Each box contains a variety of fresh and vibrant herbally-infused products, including: 

  • 5-6 full-size medicinal preparations, such as infused vinegars and oxymels, syrups, teas, elixirs, tinctures, salves, oils and skin care, herbal salts, mists, and hydrosols.

  • Informational card detailing best practices for each item’s usage.

  • Downloadable Seasonal Medicine Guide with plant ally suggestions, self care tips, recipes, and more.

  • 20% discount code for all future Fat of the Land purchases

  • An offering from another maker to enhance self care, such as a candle or incense.

Boxes may be purchased as a subscription for the entire year or individually. Early sign-up is encouraged as both Single Season and Complete Cycle shares sell out quickly. We ship worldwide. Local pick-up also available. 

• The Suntrap Subscription

by Geraldine Lavin

The Suntrap Subscription delivers monthly or quarterly packages to your doorstep, equipping the recipient with herbs for the dining table, medicine cabinet, bedside table, travel bag, desk and more. We include tinctures, oxymels, hydrosols, balms, smudges, elixirs, syrups, dried herbs, botanically dyed talismans, as well as informational booklets. Each item comes with a write up discussing use, dosage, and more. Every month you will receive newsletter filling you in on farm & forest happenings. As a member of our CSA you are investing in your warm season wellness, as well as supporting the work of a farmer and herbalist who believes in stewarding land and using ecologically responsible techniques. Head to the website for the full details!

• sweetbriar farms

by Stephinie Miner

Our CSA is made from fresh and sustainably harvested wild plants in small batches. Each share - shipped at the turn of the season - includes a bar of herb-infused soap (organic + palm-free), 2-3 herbal products to encourage wellness + balance in the upcoming season, and a newsletter with details about each product. Members receive a 15% off coupon to use on apothecary purchases throughout the year. Our herbal remedies are gentle and safe with a strong focus on deeply nourishing the body. Herbal products might include tinctures, elixirs, salves, infused vinegars, infused honeys + syrups, teas, hydrosols, infused oils, culinary herbal salts, and skin care items. Please visit our website or contact us to learn more about becoming a member.




Wild-crafted and garden grown botanicals, seasonal wild mushrooms, seaweeds & greens and small-batch, artisanal herbal elixirs, salves, lipbalms, tinctures, vinegars, honeys, teas, shrubs & more. Focusing strongly on local plants and ingredients, crafted with intention and care.




• Redbird Medicinals

by  Cameron Michelle

Your shares may include herbs to support immunity, ritual smoke bundles to cleanse the energy of the home, herbal oils/salves to support your skin, ritual bath herbs to cleanse the body's energy field or herbs to cultivate community in your home.  We grow all of the herbs, honey and flowers that are used in your share on our farm in rural Ohio.  We ship to all 50 states. 




• Gatherwise CSH

by Melissa Fuller

Gatherwise community supported herbalism offers a seasonal plant-based, holistic skincare routine. Each share is offered quarterly throughout the year. Made with care and intention from local and wildcrafted plants.


• lovejoy botanicals

by Frances O'Halloran

I offer a seasonal herbal CSA focusing on the wild local plants of the Central Oregon Coast. Four times a year ( Spring Equinox + Summer Solstice + Autumn Equinox + Winter Solstice ) I ship out, or offer local pick up of my wild bundles. Four or five thoughtfully and lovingly hand crafted herbal delights are bundled up with an educational newsletter that often contains recipes to empower folks to make their own herbal medicine. 
I have been an herbalist and herbal medicine maker since 1999. In 2015 I began offering my LoveJoy CSA. Each season I am blessed with the opportunity to provide my customers with healing, uplifting, nurturing and delicious herbal remedies, and body care delights. 
I am a farmers market vendor in Newport, Oregon, offering my wild + local herbal products, and I also teach many herbal classes at The Oregon Coast Community College. 




• tooth of the lion

by Katelyn Melvin


• Terra Luna Herbals

by Elise Hanks

Each CSA share is a combination of handmade apothecary goods, fresh and dried herbs from the Terra Luna garden, and the tools to create your own herbal remedies!  Our goal is to provide products, ingredients, and knowledge about the world of herbalism and how easily it can compliment your everyday life. 




• Free Verse Farm & apothecary

by Taylor Katz & Misha Johnson

Our Community Supported Apothecary (CSA) subscriptions are an expression of our desire to connect deeply with our community through herbs. Just as a traditional Community Supported Agriculture share from your local vegetable farm provides you with delicious vegetables throughout the year, we offer you a share of our harvests from our herb farm in the form of apothecary products, including delicious culinary herbs, sustaining teas, and supportive remedies, all handcrafted in our apothecary using the highest quality herbs, most of which come directly from our land. No matter what time of year you sign up, you’ll be able to look forward to a yearlong engagement with healing herbs grown with joy. 




by Nancy A. Maurelli

Receive beauty and nurture in every HERB & FLOWER CSA box! Fresh seasonal herbs and greens; choice of value-added herbal product (herbal beverages, syrups, pestos, salad dressing, butters, vinegars, dried tea herbs, etc.) PLUS floral bouquet harvested from our chemical free gardens in Montvale and Roanoke.


washington D.C.


• Little Red Bird Botanicals

by Holly Poole-Kavana

Little Red Bird Botanicals herbal CSA has been providing locally-grown herbs in the DC area since 2010. The CSA is held monthly from May through November; each month members come together and receive a variety of prepared herbs (teas, tinctures, syrups, vinegars, salves, etc). Each event also includes a class: three plant walks to explore local wild plants, two hands-on classes on making tinctures, oils, and salves, and one class on kitchen medicine.


Washington State


• Herbal Abundance

by Lauren Olean, Amy Gibson, and Stephanie Sutton

We are based out of Bellingham, Washington. We are a cooperative, women-led CSA project that aims to connect people and plants. Sustainability and reciprocity are of the utmost importance to us. We harvest and craft medicine with respect, care, and a deep love for place. We offer a yearly five box subscription with options to purchase individual boxes. Boxes may include oils, salves, teas, honeys, tinctures, photographs, recipes, hydrosols, candles, rituals, writings, and whatever else inspires us as we are present with the season!


• Jean Marie's Garden

by Talia Hammond


The power of herbal wisdom in your hands: As a member of our Herbal CSA (community supported agriculture), you'll receive monthly deliveries (Apr–Dec) of hand-harvested, raw herbs such as lemon balm, osha root, arnica, and catnip. You'll also get all the materials and instruction necessary to make your own herbal products such as salves, medicines, teas, or cosmetics. And to help you be successful with making the most of your monthly delivery, we also have free online video tutorials. Our herbal craft kits offer a unique and easy way to incorporate more herbs into your life and benefit from their incredible power to improve happiness and health.


• A Wild Light Apothecary’s Seasonal CSA

by Fern Wynn

A Wild Light Apothecary’s Pacific Northwestern Community Supported Apothecary Program is a mail order or Seattle pickup subscriptions service focused on remedies made form the bounty of the Pacific West. I focus on educating folks new to herbal medicines with my monthly inserts about application use for remedies and recipe suggestions and the shares are also appropriate for folks looking to enhance their already growing knowledge of plant medicine by adding to their apothecary or medicine cabinet. All medicines in these shares are made by me and either grown in my garden or ethically wildcrafted thought an energetic lens with great attention to a minimalistic approach. Each round of CSA’s offers a fresh set of seasonally appropriate remedies.




• Owl and Crow

by Jess Krueger and Tracy Mangold

Our remedies are inspired by the season’s abundance by using locally grown and harvested herbs. Founded in 2015, we are a community of herbalists and educators serving the Great Lakes region and beyond. We deliver a CSA share 4 times a year on the Solstice & Equinox.

Each share includes: Seasonal herbal remedies • Educational Zine • Free Owl & Crow class • Access to private Facebook page • Discounts on consultations with the herbalists.

Tinctures / Syrups / Teas / Wild Foods / Body Care / Elixirs / Oxymels / Salves