UPDATE 4/8/14

Hello All!

Spring is here and our Spring shares are not…I can not believe we sold out of shares in 7 DAYS!!!! That is a record for Wild and Wise and it would not have been possible without your support.  It makes me so happy to think of all if this season's medicine being used by our community! Our next share will be ready June 21st, the first day of summer. We also have shareholders for the first time, 10 to be exact… There are still have spaces available.

For now the focus for Spring will be on our herb garden at Little River farm, wild crafting and harvesting herbs from gardens and farms here in Humboldt! Please contact us if you have any over abundance of medicine in your garden you would like to donate to Wild and Wise. Community Supported Herbalism!


I wanted to write this email to announce some amazing news, I am so excited to share with you that we have started a "grant" (the idea of Rita and Laurie of Flying Blue Dog Farm) to provide herbal medicine to our community to those who could otherwise not afford this medicine! :

Wild and Wise's mission is to provide herbal medicine to our community at an affordable rate with the majority of the herbs used being harvested in our community!

Another goal of Wild and Wise is to provide herbal medicine and knowledge to people in the community (near and far) who would not be exposed to herbal medicine otherwise.

To take these goals even further, Rita and Laurie, of Flying Blue Dog Farm, are investing in Wild and Wise to offer 4 shares each season at no cost to 4 individuals/families who do not have the means to purchase a share.If this isn't Community Supported Herbalism, I don't know what is??? This is so amazing! You can apply for this herbal CSA "grant" by sending us a letter via e-mail to wildandwisecsa@gmail.com. Rita and Laurie have supported Wild and Wise since the beginning and there generosity keeps flowing!

This "grant" will start with the Summer 2014 shares, we will have 4 spaces available. Those chosen will receive the remaining 3 shares (Summer, Fall and Winter) at no cost. This "grant" will be available to individuals/families who live in Humboldt County, please share this email! If you would like to donate to this "grant" please contact Wild and Wise, the more money donated, the more shares we can offer to those who could not afford this local medicine!

Thank you for your continued support everyone!

~ Nicole Gagliano


UPDATE 3/25/14

We only have 4 shares left, as of right now. That means we have almost sold out in 5 days! It is truly amazing feeling to have such support, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE…Community Supported Herbalism!!!!! 

Now that the Spring CSA in all packed up and ready to go , we can now focus on the Spring garden. It will be very exciting to see our plants coming back to life, starting seeds and planting more herbs. oh and we can't forget about the WEEDING, lots and lots of WEEDING. As soon as this wonderful week of rain is over and the ground dries out a bit, we will be able to till. Can't wait. 

Happy Spring. 

 Spring is here 3/2014

Spring is here 3/2014


Hello all, 

Spring will officially be "here" in 8 days! But spring has already begun, as you can see…the plants are showing themselves, the Daffodils are flowering, Tulip and Gladiola bulbs are popping up, the grass is a thick carpet of green, and let's not forget all the wonderful rain and sunshine  we have been getting lately. 

Wild and Wise's Spring 2014 CSA share will be ready on March 20th (first day of Spring). This is the first share of 2014! And our first share with our new logo and packaging, which we are really excited about. We have been working on this for quite some time, with a friend of Nicole's, who has done this graphic design work for trade of Wild and Wise product, herbal consultations, and medicine. (If you would like to check out Jezabel's other work ~ jezabelly.com) Just another example of how people (communities) come together to support each other in a project they believe in. 

Our Spring 2014 CSA Share will include:

4 oz. Nourishing Elixir

2 oz. Fire Cider

2 oz. Mugwort Bitters

1 oz. Get the Crud Out Tincture blend

1/2 oz. Artemis Dream oil

Hand sewn (using recycled materials) Dream/Eye Pillow 

2 oz. Tea of Humboldt (tea blend made with 100% locally harvested herbs)

This year we are also excited about functioning as a "real" CSA, and offering our supporters to become Wild and Wise shareholders. We already have 5 shareholders, who have committed and paid for the whole year of shares (4 total). We have 15 more spaces available for the year, if you are interested, there is a 2014 Commitment Form attached to this email you can download/print that also explains how the CSA works. Or you can read more about it on our website, www.wildandwisecsa.com , on the Become a Shareholder page.

We are also looking for gardens in our community who have an over abundance of herbs to share with the CSA! We can come harvest your overgrown gardens or harvest wild weeds in your yard, and we will bring you some hand made Wild and Wise products! 

Thanks so much for your continued support and interest in Wild and Wise!

~ Nicole Gagliano

Wild and Wise Herbal CSA