Wild & Wise is an Herbal CSA in Humboldt County, CA. We are located along the Lost Coast in Petrolia. Our goal is to provide access to affordable local herbs to the community. Our hand-made products are crafted using as many locally sourced herbs as possible from our communities' home gardens, ethically wild crafted, and from Wild and Wise's garden space. Our main focus is on our seasonal Herbal CSA, but we also have individual herbal products available. 

Our Story

This project started as a HUGE idea in 2011 fueled by the ideas and creativity of many people. Over the years, our goals have become more focused and clear. Starting small with a focus on the CSA packages and local herbs was key! We now offer CSA memberships at the beginning of every year, with the first CSA package being available each spring. 

Providing affordable, local herbal medicine to the community is the main goal of this project. The ways in which we meet this goal is by harvesting/using plants which are growing abundantly in our community, our local area and our home gardens. We also offer our CSA memberships on a sliding scale rate (income based) to make sure they are affordable to the community. 


Nicole Gagliano is an herbalist, who studied at The Northwest School for Botanical Studies with Christa Sinadinos. She has also studied with other herbalist from around the country, honing her "herby" skills. She is the product/medicine maker, wild crafter, formulator, and herbalist for Wild and Wise. Her full time job is being a mom and raising her son Wilder with her partner, Brett.